Stephen loves the color yellow. He loves music. He loves children. He loves the Beatles. He combined all that he loves into a magical mystery song, "Wrap Me Up In Yellow". Here is the video. The song is from his album, SONGS FROM THE SANDBOX. 


This catchy theme and the majority of the other songs from this popular PBS children's animated series were written by Stephen and sung by his popular musical group, Parachute Express. There were a total of 73 episodes. 


"Doctor Looney's Remedy"/ Parachute Express

This is perhaps the most reconizable song Parachute Express had ever written and performed while on the Walt Disney label. Oddly enough it never went on an album. Instead, Disney  decided to do a long form video on the group "COME SING WITH US", showcasing Parachute Express in concert doing classic songs as well as the new song and outlandish video, "Doctor Looney's Remedy". 

"Come Sing With Us", was awarded the International Monitor Award for best electronic effects. It certainly got a lot of attention from audiences as Disney included "Looney" as a trailer on the multi-million selling VHS, "The Goofy Movie".

After Stephen and Parachute Express left Disney Records they started their own company, TRIO LANE RECORDS. The album, Doctor Looney's Remedy was released in 1996 and received numerous awards and accolades. Here is the Video.

 "Walkin' In My Neighborhood"/ PARACHUTE EXPRESS

Walt Disney produced this short-form music video to introduce the world to Parachute Express. Stephen's group was the very first "live artist" to be signed to Walt Disney Records. 

 "Polka Dots, Checks and Stripes"/Parachute Express

This song was a favorite off of the first album Parachute Express recorded for the new Walt Disney record label. "Happy To be Here" won several awards when it was released in 1991. "Polka-Dots.." was a clear cut choice to make into a short-form video with it's universal message that "being different is more than okay". 


Trace Adkins performs an original song written by Stephen in the new children's eBook "Owney -- Tales From The Rails", for the  Smithsonian Institute. The book and song tells the true story about an amazing dog who became world-famous in the late 1800s as mascot of the U.S. Railway Mail Service.

Stephen's  inspirational performance at a concert honoring legendary folksinger, PETE SEEGER. The gathering was at Will Geer's Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga, California... a place near and dear to Pete's heart.