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It Came From Beyond

by Original Broadway Cast

It was a time of innocence, 3-D glasses and flying saucers, American heroes and little green men, drive-in movies, poodle skirts, ballroom dancing, apple pie, and the intoxicating belief that there was nothing we couldn't accomplish if we all just put our minds to it . . . like landing on the moon.

It was The Fabulous Fifties...and it' brought back to life in this exciting science fiction musical, IT CAME FROM BEYOND.

It’s 1959 and Harold, an unpopular high school egghead, is serving detention in the science classroom along with his nemesis, Steve, the high school bully. Harold believes that his comic book, IT CAME FROM BEYOND!, holds the keys to the universe and, in order to flee from the never-ending torment of Steve seated next to him, escapes into the world of his comic book through his imagination.

Harold’s reality and fantasy worlds collide. Will he win the girl of his dreams? Will he save the world from impending doom? Will any of this matter come prom night?

IT CAME FROM BEYOND is a 16 song, two act musical originally presented at The New York Musical Theatre Festival where after receiving rave reviews went on to be mounted at the Write Act Theatre in Hollywood, California.  There it won six Ovation Award Nominations (the Tonys of Los Angeles), winning one for Best Supporting Actor. 

IT CAME FROM BEYOND will soon be opening again Off Broadway and in North Hollywood, California in 2017.